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Something a little different for a normal Big Bout Breakdown heading into Lion Fight 67. Our intrepid insider and Muay Thai Hall of Famer Nathan "Carnage" Corbett explores what is facing both Chip "The Surgeon" Moraza-Pollard and Andy "The CrAsian" Nguyen heading into their main-card attractions on the card set for Saturday, July 31 from Sicily, Italy, and airing live exclusively worldwide on UFC Fight Pass. As an added bonus, Lion Fight's Italian partner Bruno Botindari offers up his take on what is ahead for reigning and defending Lion Fight World Light Heavyweight champion Enrico Carrara as "The Fog" defends his belt for the first and on his home soil. It's not easy going into hostile territory, but both Lion Fight World Cruiserweight champion Moraza-Pollard and fan favorite Nguyen are facing that factor as they head to Lion Fight 67 in Italy. For Moraza-Pollard, it's his eighth time defending the crown as he faces standout European Jakub Benko, while Nguyen looks to make her move in the Flyweight division with a showdown against Switzerland's Sonia Dinh.

Corbett, who is no stranger to fighting high-caliber opposition in foreign lands, offers his take on what both fighters have to do to come away with the victory in their respective bouts.

"Carnage" on "The Surgeon":

With the first international show in 2021 for Lion Fight, it's exciting to have our current World champion Chip Moraza-Pollar back in action. Chip is accurately nicknamed "The Surgeon" because he is a very technical and precise fighter with his signature powerful low kicks. What I really like about Chip is his clean style and ability to fight from Round 1 to Round 5 with the same power and technical skills. H

e has defended his World title on many occasions and so far has proven to be unbeatable as the champ. With so many months out of the ring, I'm certainly expecting him to come back hungrier than ever to retain his championship status.

"Carnage" on "The CrAsian":

Another exciting fighter to be back in action after a very dominant win back in March is Andy Nguyen. Andy showcased her skills and determination wanting to become the best female in her weight class. Andy's aggression and power is what excites me the most about her style and I look forward to seeing her under the spotlight in Italy.

Botindari on "The Fog":

The fight with (Rudo) Tovar in Las Vegas helped Enrico from a psychological point of view by giving him better awareness of his strength and his abilities. He proved this out last year when he fought for the title in Rosolini. Enrico is a fighter who makes a show from start to finish, and he is full of surprises and resources. Fighting in Rosolini for him is like fighting at his home. He has come many times to train in my gym. He has worked hard in preparing for this match and studied his opponent. I hope that the fans will also like the ring entrance mask that he chosen this time.


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