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It’s that time again. Lion Fight’s illustrious Hall of Famer Nathan “Carnage” Corbett does his Big Bout Breakdown as we head into Lion Fight 66.

The event takes place on Friday, May 21 beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET USA / 4:30 p.m. PT USA / 11:30 p.m. GMT on UFC Fight Pass the world’s leading digital subscription service for combat sports.

Let’s start things off right at the top of the marquee with viral knockout sensation Steve “Put ‘Em To Sleep” Walker taking on Devorius Tubbs. Walker is Lion Fight’s reigning double-belt champ with both the World and North American Super Cruiserweight crowns. Against Tubbs, Walker will be putting his North American belt on the line for the second time in less than three months following his highlight-reel 46-second KO over Brian Collette at Lion Fight 64.

So, let’s get right to it, Mr. Corbett, how do you see the main event of Lion Fight 66 shaping up?

Walker will be fighting Tubbs, an opponent that took the fight after seeing Steve make easy work of Brian Collette. Tubbs said I’m not impressed and believes he has the skills to end Walker’s perfect record of 9-0. Both men are big for the 205-pound weight class, so size isn’t going to be the deciding factor. I personally don’t think Walker can be beaten at this point in time. He has too much of everything happening for himself right now. Great long-range attacks, explosive and dynamic movements from all angles, and an awkwardly long southpaw stance that gives him the advantage of distance.

Tubbs can most definitely surprise us with pulling off an upset. If the confidence he has reflects in his skills, then he will bring the heat.

Lion Fight had such a positive response to its North American Heavyweight Title Tournament, that a new tournament has emerged – this one for the North American Super Middleweight title. The two semi-finals will go down at Lion Fight 66, leading off with Canada’s Jake Mackenzie against Mexico’s Heriberto Tovar.

Nathan, how do you see this fight going?

Tovar is a warrior to say the least. He fights Muay Thai, MMA, kickboxing and bareknuckle. He’s not afraid of any fighting discipline. Tovar brings lots of power into his fighting style and a never-give-up attitude. We saw him go five rounds with current Lion Fight World Light Heavyweight champion Enrico Carrara two years ago in which he lost via points. But Tovar has a slight lack in overall Muay Thai experience, so I feel that Jake Mackenzie might find his win this. His skillset and experience competing in Muay Thai at the highest levels of world amateur tournaments could be his advantage. But Jake will have to push past a powerful warrior in Tovar. A very exciting match up to kick off the tournament semi-finals.

In the other North American Super Middleweight Title Tournament semi-final, it’s Lorawnt-T Nelson, a South African who now lives and fights out of Denver, Colorado, USA, taking on Cody Carrillo, who should have the home-state advantage hailing from Wichita, Kansas, USA.

What happens in the second semi-final which is also Lion Fight 66’s co-main event?

This fight was matched perfect with two of the real tough men of the sport. Both men recently had fights on Lion Fight – Cody with a body shot KO win (overturned to a no contest due to an officiating error during the 10-count) and Nelson losing in a five-round, toe-to-toe fight on the promotion’s fight show of the year. I feel Nelson can win this fight in the later rounds if he doesn’t land one of his power punches early on Cody. Cody was considered ‘the old guy’ on his last fight, but came out on fire from the first bell and can’t be taken lightly by any opponent. Cody has been known for his striking throughout his MMA career and has enjoyed focusing strictly on Muay Thai with his second Lion Fight matchup in three months. Cody has the experience and still has the passion, but I feel Nelson might just generate too much power and catch Cody before the end bell.


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