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We are fast approaching Lion Fight 65 live on UFC Fight Pass on Friday, April 9th.

Our super-qualified insider – former world champion and Hall of Famer Nathan Corbett – has taken the time to go over the two main bouts of LF65. This is not his prediction, as he’s a true professional and providing analysis during the fights, but rather his insight on how these two fights could go.

First off, Mr. Corbett, let’s get your take on the Women’s North American Lightweight Title fight between Angela “Riptide” Whitley and Taylor “Tay-Tay” McClatchie.

The breakdown is certainly a hard one to decide as both fighters have lots of experience, but here’s the way I see this fight potentially going is. Taylor is a very technical fighter with over 50 fights (pro and amateur) and has a clean style of Muay Thai, using her range well with kicks and has a lot of confidence in the close range of clinching. Her experience will be in her favor over the distance of the fight, heading into the later rounds as Whitley could possibly burn herself out with her aggressive style of attacks. Angela is definitely the stronger of the two and is a very aggressive fighter. Her never-go-backwards style of fighting is exciting and puts her opponents on their back foot from the first bell. I feel this fight could go either way, but it will be interesting to see how Taylor deals with the power of Angela in the first few rounds as this might set the pace of the fight and turn it into a different fight for Taylor. Or Taylor could come out and meet Angela with the same intensity. An exciting main event of two female warriors.

All right “Carnage,” let’s get your viewpoints on the other big fight of Lion Fight 65 – the North American Super Welterweight Title matchup with Jake “Lee” Peacock taking on Kaleb Hunter.

Don’t blink in this co main event. Jake is 4-0 and his last three fights on Lion Fight has been knockouts. He comes to fight every time. Kaleb is a long, tall forward-pressure fighter, who is known for his clinching. As he says, ‘I like to drown them in the clinch over the rounds of the fight.’ Kaleb is also the taller of the two and has a great, long kick game from the outside. Jake is a very explosive, intelligent fighter that changes stances and hits his opponents at all angels and levels. Jake hasn’t come up against a powerful, clinch fighter like Kaleb and it could be the upset of his winning streak. Although Kaleb will have to try and avoid getting hit from all angles as he comes in close with Jake’s powerful pin-point strikes. I can see the fight being a full showcase of skills from both men.


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