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Lion Fight 63 Big Bout Breakdowns with Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett

As we near the opening bell for Lion Fight’s debut event on UFC Fight Pass, it’s time for some expert prognosticating.

Lion Fight ringside analyst Nathan “Carnage” Corbett, an 11-time world champion and Hall of Fame member, breaks down four of the main card bouts with his insight and wisdom. These are not predictions, more than anything they are Corbett’s take on how each fighter can ultimately win their upcoming battle. Listen to the interview on Youtube

Up first, a featured light heavyweight matchup that pits Washington “WashingThai” Dos Santos against LT Nelson. Take it away, Mr. Corbett.

For Nelson to win the fight, he’ll have to use his ability to adapt to so many different styles. He’ll need a high work rate and to close the range. He’ll also need to stop the long southpaw attacks from Washington.

Washington will win the fight if he uses his range. Being a southpaw fighter and the taller of the two, he has the outside range advantage, plus his elbows coming down over Nelson’s guard. Throwing his shots with bad intentions will help him take the fight in the direction of a KO win.

Next up for Nathan’s take, it’s the women’s bantamweight showdown between former North American title challenger Candice “CandiCrush” Mitchell and promotional newcomer Natalie “Lady Kill Face” Morgan.

Natalie will win the fight if she shuts down the range and uses her aggressive tactics of elbows and powerful attacks. Her aggression and skills will be her way to victory.

Candice will win the fight if she uses her extra long legs to kick from distance and using her teep kicks and push kicks to keep Natalie away. She also has the athleticism to push for a late finish or win on points over the five rounds.

Onto the co-main event we go. This is a very intriguing matchup that will see fan favorite Jake “Lee” Peacock take on the returning Keemaan Diop in a super welterweight bout.

Jake will win the fight if he does what he’s been doing the past three fights – mixing up the shots and changing stance to offset his opponent. With three KOs in three Lion Fight outings, he’s oozing confidence.

Keeman will win the fight if he uses his height and slight weight advantage with long range strikes and delivering his powerful kicks to break down Jake’s ability to punch. His stamina and range are assets in this fight

And here we are, time for the main event of the evening – Chris “Head Trauma” Tramell vs. Hassan “H-Smash” Oseni for the Lion Fight North American Cruiserweight championship. How does this one shake out?

Chris will win the fight if he fights smart and uses his experience in Muay Thai using all eight weapons. Mixing up his skills and bringing his do-or-die attitude to the ring is key. He needs to not allow the pressure of the fight and what it means to undue him. He needs to use it as fuel.

Hassan will win the fight if he uses his power. He is coming down from heavyweight, so he will have the extra power in his shots. He has been in action more recently than Chris over the past few years, so he has the advantage if it gets to the deeper rounds of the fight.

To wrap things up, how about a thought on what this moment – Lion Fight’s debut event on UFC Fight Pass – means to all the fighters involved?

My message to all fighters on the UFC Fight Pass card plus undercard is be sure to not waste this opportunity to the best of your abilities. You only get five rounds of three minutes maximum to showcase your worth and future potential, so be hot and ready as the first bell rings to start the fight. This is not the time to be cold.


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