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The big moment has come for Michael Triana.

He is essentially a homegrown product for Lion Fight, coming up through the amateurs, taking gradual steps in the pro ranks, and now finding himself on the threshold of a significant title. Triana occupies one-half of the co-main event tilt for Lion Fight 69 coming up on Friday, Aug. 27th from the House of Blues in Boston – a stone's throw or two from his home in Worcester, Massachusetts. That night live on UFC Fight Pass, Triana will stand across Brendan Raftery with the winner claiming the inaugural Lion Fight North American Super Featherweight belt.

"Iron Boy" Triana is ready for his shot, and talked about what is to come when the spotlight turns on him.

Q: Obviously you're well prepared for the fight, but can you talk about what the time, maybe a day or two before you step into the ring, is like?

A: Forty-eight hours before my fight, my focus is weigh-in and rehydrate. I like to take everything one step at a time. The work is done and now we just relax and wait for the show to start and showcase the hard work we've done. I'll do things like read, play chess, enjoy some nice meals with my coach and teammates and get a nice night's rest.

Q: You had a very stylish head-kick knockout win back in March and an exciting win over Joseph Mueller prior to that. Is part of your game-plan now to be less stoic and more stylish in the ring?

A: Thank you. I do love to give the crowd an exciting fight, but I wouldn't consider myself flashy. I go to the fight and I hit hard and hit smart.

Q: Is there extra pressure vying for your first professional title essentially in your home town?

A: No extra pressure. I love fighting in my home town or a place my friends and family can come watch. They bring the energy up and it pumps me up even more. Q: What would winning the title mean to you?

A: Winning the Lion Fight North American title is a great achievement and my first belt as a pro. This is very exciting for me and for sure will help my career as my name is put higher up in the ranks of Muay Thai.


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