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Challenges, not belts, drive Peacock’s motivation in Lion Fight

He’s already one of Lion Fight’s most-popular figures, and in a short period of time, Jake Peacock is living up to the hype.

All four of his bouts inside the Lion Fight ring have ended with him standing over a fallen foe – a first-, second-, third-, and fifth-round knockout all highlighting his undefeated resume. His last outing earned him the Lion Fight North American Super Welterweight title, and now Peacock, thanks to his British heritage, has a chance to added the European Super Welterweight title when he faces England’s Federico Alfaro at Lion Fight 68 in Glasgow, Scotland, on Sunday, August 22. Their clash is the card’s co-main event airing live worldwide exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.

As he packed up for the trip alongside his newborn son Charlie, Peacock took some time to talk about chasing his second belt in four months and getting the opportunity to fight in the United Kingdom.

Q: Do you see yourself as a belt collector within Lion Fight – already holding the North American Super Welterweight belt, now going after the European Super Welterweight belt and then potentially the North American Welterweight belt or even a World title?

A: I love to fight. I love the art, I love combat, and I love to entertain. If belts line up along the way, I’ll take them joyfully, but that’s not my main focus. I want to challenge myself and I want to fight quality fighters … the best.

Q: Your career started in Canada where you now live, but you’ve fought in Ireland, the U.S., now Scotland and potentially coming up in England. Do you enjoy “going on the road” for fights as opposed to fighting at home?

A: I love travelling for fights. It’s a great way to see the world and meet great people, tons of great memories. Fighting on the road gives me a chance to win the hearts of the fans, and potentially the supporters of my opponent.

Q: You’ve often heard opponents say they can attack you going at your supposedly weaker side (Jake’s right is half-developed). What is your response to that kind of talk? A: Yes, I’ve heard that said frequently, often by the keyboard warriors of our world, and less so from actual professional athletes. In answer to the question … I just fight. I fight with instinct, intelligence and heart. I make things happen. I was born a fighter.

Q: What does being a champion, potentially a multi-belt champion, in Lion Fight mean to you?

A: I’ve watched Lion Fight for years, right from the early days. I was a massive fan. To be their North American champion and getting shots at multiple belts is an honor and a privilege. I’m very grateful and I’ll continue to train and fight with that mindset.


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