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After winning the world championship in his own country, there was no reason for Enrico Carrara to do anything different for his first title defense.

The reigning Lion Fight World Light Heavyweight champion puts his belt on the line at Lion Fight 67 for the first time on Saturday, July 31 in Sicily, Italy, airing exclusively worldwide on UFC Fight Pass. Carrara won the title at the very same spectacular Piazza G. Garibaldi at Road to Lion Fight – Italy, and now his legion of followers will get to see him defend it as he faces Patrik Vidakovics in the main event. “The Fog,” a horror movie fan who sports a mask during his intriguing ring walk, is putting the finishing touches on preparing himself for the upcoming encounter and took some time out to talk about the big stage that awaits him.

Q: Is there extra pressure or is it more comfortable for you to have your first title defense at home in Italy?

A: Surely is fighting in Rosolini in Italy - in the event of Bruno Botindari and Liliana Voicu that I consider to be the best event in Italy and perhaps in Europe - for me is a source of pride and motivation not to be underestimated. As for the defense of the title, the mental approach I intend to follow is to evaluate it as a very important match, but to give the right importance so as not to energetically unbalance everything and load it with expectations. It is well known that every match is a story and we fighters must not have the pretense of controlling the infinite variables that interface between us and the victory so we will see to find the best solutions to have fun and entertain the public together with my opponent. I hope to be able to give a good show to all the people who will follow the event live or on UFC Fight Pass.

Q: How was your training for this fight especially getting through the pandemic?

A: My training consists of several phases (weightlifting, circuits and classic Muay Thai training). Due to the pandemic, my coach Simone Benedettini and I still went to the gym but there was no heating in the building from January to the end of March which was really hard and demanding. Subsequently with the milder temperatures and with the improvement of the situation about the pandemic, we returned to almost normal and therefore also had the opportunity to do sparring with other people as well as going to other gyms. The pandemic has brought all sportsmen to their knees so it was necessary to have to make do in some way. I consider myself lucky because I had the gym and a teacher who came specifically to train despite the fact that on some days the temperature in the gym reached a few degrees below zero (Celsius).

Q: What are you improving on in training and what do you see as your advantages against Patrik?

A: For this match, we worked with the trainers (Maurizio Carboni and Francesco Milianti) and with my coach (Simone Benedettini) dividing into two phases. The first phase consisted in the development of strength while in the second phase, I tried as much as possible to transform through pushing exercises and with the work of pao and repeated on the bag. I do not think there is an advantage or a disadvantage (against Patrik). I believe that the fight is a game of chess. Those who remain focused and use the right moves at the right time have the upper hand. This is precisely the great beauty of a fight. Concentration and timing are the keys to the solution.

Q: How important is to you to retain your status as Lion Fight world champion?

A: For me it is a source of great pride to be able to be the Lion Fight world champion. For me, Lion Fight is the top promotion. I could not be more honored to be able to have the opportunity to defend my title. I will try in every way to defend it and be able to jump the ropes again in the gym admiring the Lion Fight belt in our show case of trophies at the Kurosaki Dojo. I would like to thank Scott Kent and Scott Zerr for the trust and for the esteem that is strongly reciprocated as well as Bruno Botindari, a great friend but above all a great man of value.

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