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about lion fight

Founded in 2010 by owner and Chief Executive Officer Scott Kent, Lion Fight is the most active promoter of Muay Thai events and stands as the largest standup combat sports organization in North America.  We are dedicated to growing Muay Thai in America and to presenting world-class events stacked with the best fighters in the sport.


Muay Thai has a rich culture and long history in which many traditions have been incorporated into as part of the art and fighting rituals.


Lion Fight Promotions is focused on reaching out to new audiences while working together within the community of Muay Thai; those who share the same passion and respect for for the art. 


As one of Lion Fight Promotions initiatives, the Company plans on gaining support from affiliated Muay Thai organizations on a global scale, unifying fans, enthusiasts, and fighters all over the world onto one common platform.

There is an overwhelming amount of talent that has gone unnoticed in years passed. Much of the same remains today. Lion Fight Promotions’ will change that by contributing a strong effort and taking a different approach toward promoting the sport in America. 


“Muay Thai is the most exciting fighting style for fans that love stand up fighting and appreciate the rich history associated with it. We are in the Fight Capital of the World in Las Vegas and it makes perfect sense to have a Las Vegas based Muay Thai promotional company to help develop this amazing sport”, says Scott Kent, President and CEO of Lion Fight Promotions.


Kent added, “We have a sport that is already very popular all over the world and we want expose more people to it by showcasing international talent and provide a larger stage for our local fighters”.

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