Las Vegas, Nev. – Lion Fight, widely regarded as the premier Muay Thai promotion in the world, is joining forces with Britain-based Muay Thai Grand Prix, a game-changing agreement that will see both promotions swap elite fighters and pit Lion Fight champions vs. MTGP champions. The historic partnership also includes Grand Prix qualification tournaments and the signing of new talents.

Lion Fight, the most popular Muay Thai brand in North America whose events are broadcast nationally on Mark Cuban’s AXS TV, intends to host eight events in the U.S. this year while MTGP will be hosting three events in London, UK.

“I’m excited beyond words about our partnership with MTGP, which will accelerate the global growth of Muay Thai and create even more opportunities for the fighters,” said Lion Fight president Scott Kent who will be present at MTGPs next event on Nov. 22. “This union raises the bar and builds an even bigger stage for the fighters. It’s common knowledge that fight fans love nothing more than a heated stand-up battle and Muay Thai consistently delivers some of the most beautiful stand-up exchanges in the world. Led by athletes that embody courage and humility, our sport is as exciting as any in combat sports, but our challenge is to find a way to attract more fans and mainstream recognition. Our partnership with MTGP is a significant step in the right direction, one we believe will serve as the catalyst for spreading this life-changing art to the masses world-wide.”


“As a former fighter I always wanted compete on the top shows and now this deal gives the new breed of combatants the chance to shine and compete regularly,” said MTGP CEO Kieran Keddle. “Scott Kent is a visionary and is on the same path as I believe MTGP is.”

“The UFC, boxing and K1 have already made it in mainstream martial arts and Muay Thai is following closely behind,” added MTGP CEO Philip Tieu. “I believe this is a significant turning point and something the UK community is waiting for. This is inspiring Muay Thai fighters and motivating them to reach the new heights that this sport is now offering them. The sport can only get bigger and better. I’m super excited for this.”