Tiffany Van Soest Talks Natalie Yip Fight

Source: Muay Thai Authority

_62D5137Tiffany Van Soest has taken women’s Muay Thai by storm since turning pro a year and a half ago. Her exciting style has made her a fan favorite and now that Lion Fight is on television fans across the nation are getting to see her put on action packed fights. Tiffany was kind enough to talk to Muay Thai Authority about her upcoming fight with Natalie Yip at Lion Fight 9.
MTA: Tiffany, you will be fighting Natalie Yip at Lion Fight 9, are you familiar at all with Natalie?
Tiffany: I’m not too familiar with her. What I do know is that she comes from a good camp and has more of a traditional style. I know that she hasn’t fought in over a year or so and in a heavier weight class, if I’m not mistaken.
MTA: You have established yourself as the face of women’s Muay Thai in the last year. How does it feel to be considered the representative for women in the sport?
Tiffany: It’s great! I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the pioneers that paved the way before me (Lucia Rijker and Miriam Nakamoto for example), but as far as today goes I feel honored and humbled. I guess there’s a responsibility that goes along with it, but it’s nothing that I won’t try to fulfill.
MTA: You are known for your exciting fights from start to end. Is it difficult to keep your pace up an entire fight, or is it just how you were trained to fight?
Tiffany: It would be difficult to keep the pace that I do if I did not train the way that I do. I have a great team behind me that always pushes me to train and fight hard. From my strength and conditioning with @KSOSufc, to drills and sparring, I always work hard. I try to train for every fight like it will be the hardest of my life.
MTA: You were in a barn burner with Alexis Rufus your last time out and you knocked her out with a head kick followed up by some punches. Do you expect a similar fight this time out?
Tiffany: As for getting the win, yes. I try to never set an expectation as to how I will win, but I will always fight to the best of my ability and execute my game plan to get the W. Each opponent poses different threats and I know I have to adjust accordingly. I won’t go out of my way to look for a knockout specifically, but if/when the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely take advantage and capitalize on it.
MTA: Now your last fight you mentioned you wanted to fight Lucy Payne. What’s the deal with Lucy and her camp?
Tiffany: They had expressed some interest in a fight with me. There had been some words floating around facebook forums and some misconstrued theories as to why the fight “didn’t or won’t” happen, but I assure when the time is right and it can be arranged, I will take that fight. I’ll fight whoever is put in front of me. I’m a fighter. It’s just what I do. Like Muhammad Ali said- “It’s a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.”
MTA: You’re still very young, but already have an accomplished resume. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Tiffany: That resume being even more accomplished! Hopefully still fighting! Definitely holding a few more titles. Whether it’s Muay Thai, MMA, or pillow fighting. As long as my body is able and the passion still burns in my heart, I will fight.
MTA: Come March 15th on AXS TV what can fans expect to see from you in the ring against Natalie?
Tiffany: They might see some new tricks, they might see a different game plan, but as always, they can definitely expect to see me in my purest form, doing what I love… And getting my hand raised in victory, of course!
MTA: Any words for your supporters?
Tiffany: Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the support. Don’t ever mistake my confidence for cockiness. I sweat, bleed, and cry to earn the confidence I have. It is because of the support I get from my family, coaches, team, friends, fans, and sponsors that I am confident in doing what I love. Much love to you all.