Results and Recap of Lion Fight Muay Thai 7: Walker KO’s Schilling

Source: Muay Thai Authority

Lion Fight Muay Thai 7 (@LFPLasVegas) took place at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. It was a night of action packed fights and none more impressive than Eddie Walker’s(@EddieShowtime) main event win over Joe Schilling(@Cant_Stop_Crazy).
Walker was considered an under dog by many as he came into the fight with Schilling and early on in the fight it seemed that Joe Schilling’s prediction that Walker would not make it out of the first round would come true. Schilling went to work on Walker’s lead leg early with kicks and was able to knock Walker down in the first round after connecting with an elbow. A calm and collected Walker got back to his feet and informed the referee he could continue. In the second round it seemed like Schilling was looking to finish what he started in the first round as he went to work on Walker’s leg and again scored a knock down with an elbow from the clinch. Walker got up a bit slower than the first time and was bleeding from a cut that opened up, but he was once again able to answer the referee’s count. Schilling got more aggressive as he looked to finish the fight, but Walker began to let his hands go more and in a close exchange a short right hand from Walker connected on the jaw of Schilling and sent him crashing to the canvas. It was a vicious knock out by Walker that left the mainly pro Schilling crowd stunned. Easily the biggest win of Walker’s career.


In the night’s co-main event Gregory Choplin was able to take home a unanimous decision overJoseph Valtellini (BazookaJoeV). Choplin used an array of elbows through out the fight to score points. In the first round he opened a cut over the left eye of Valtellini and the damage was clearly visible as his eye began to swell. Valtellini hung in tough firing back with heavy leg kicks and punches, but Choplin was on point with his elbows and seemed to stifle Valtellini’s attacks with his clinch and hard elbows every time they began. It’s another solid win for Choplin who is now on a four fight winning streak.
In the only women’s pro fight of the night Tiffany Van Soest (@TiffTimeBomb) defeated Jeri Sitzes to take away her 122lb WBC International Title. Van Soest and Sitzes seemed to feel each other out for the first two rounds before Van Soest began to apply the pressure and score with leg kicks and punches. In the end it was clear that there would be a new champion as Van Soest was able to keep the pressure applied in the later rounds and Sitzes didn’t have an answer.
In the only other title fight of the night’s pro fights Andy Singh and Anthony Castrejon(@AntThePrettyBoy) met in a 118lb WBC National Title Fight. Both fighters had not tasted defeated since they started their pro careers. Singh was 2-0 and Castrejon 3-0. Singh established control of the fight early as he used punches and kicks to score through out the fight. Castrejon was not able to figure out how to counter Singh’s attacks as he repeatedly scored with teeps to the face of Castrejon. In the end the unanimous decision win and the WBC belt were Andy Singh’s.
Kicking off the night’s pro fights was a bout between Coke Chunhawat and Adrian Morilla. After a close first round Chunhawat seemed to turn things up as he began to out work Morilla in the clinch and connect with head kicks. Morilla showed his resilience hanging in the fight with Chunhawat until the fourth round when Chunhawat connected with a few knees to the body that sent Morilla down and he was unable to continue. The 4th round KO was solid win for Chunhawat and Morilla displayed tremendous heart in the fight.
Pro Fights
Eddie Walker def. Joe Schilling via KO at 2:13 of Rd. 2
Gregory Choplin def. Joseph Valtellini via Unanimous Decision
Tiffany Van Soest def. Jeri Sitzes via Unanimous Decision
Andy Singh def. Anthony Castrejon via Unanimous Decision
Coke Chunhawat def. Adiran Morilla via KO (Knees to Body) at 2:24 of Rd. 4
Amateur Fights
Jason Andrada def. Victor Perez via Unanimous Decision
Miranda Cayabyab and Genesis Bravo fight to a Majority Draw
Josh Shepard def. Jose Hernandez via Split Decision
Jonathan Parsons def. Niko Ruiz via Split Decision
Steve Ault def. Mike Gordon via Split Decision